Launch of our Comprehensive Cubical Curtain Solution program

Northwest Health Care Linen announces the launch of Cubicle Curtain Solutions, the new comprehensive approach to sanitizing and caring for cubicle curtains.

“As a focus of hospital-acquired infection reduction programs, there is more emphasis being placed on cleaning curtains regularly,” said Northwest Health Care Linen CEO Jim Hall. “The team at Northwest Health Care Linen offers real and immediate solutions for any facility.”

The thorough cleaning process begins with curtain cleansing with use of an EPA registered cleaning agent. Curtains are treated with an antimicrobial finish, which inhibits the growth and spread of bacteria, fungus, mold and mildew within the fabric. Once sanitized, cubicle curtains are gently finished in a way that avoids dryer wear, which is the leading cause of cubicle curtain damage. Curtains are then prepared for return to their facility bagged and on hangers to ensure they are received crisp and clean and ready for reinstallation in patient rooms.

The team at Northwest Health Care Linen approaches each of their clients individually to address each of the unique concerns as it pertains to cubicle curtains.

“Some facilities may not have large enough curtain inventory to maintain a sufficient supply of curtains when sending out their facility-owned curtains to be cleaned,” explained Hall.

To remedy this problem, Northwest Health Care Linen is equipped to provide curtains for use during the interim while the company launders the facilities’ curtains. The temporary curtain inventory that Northwest Health Care Linen keeps in stock are available in a neutral beige color, as designed to complement any facility’s décor. Temporary curtains come in two different lengths and feature snap together panels, fitting any sized track.

“Many of the facilities we serve currently are in need of interior renovations, but simply do not have the funding for it,” said Hall. “As this is an issue that has come up on several occasions, and we responded by creating our cubicle curtain leasing program.”

The cubicle curtain leasing program allows medical facilities to make specified curtain fabric and style choices without the financial commitment of purchasing a full supply of curtains. When utilizing the lease program, Northwest Health Care Linen will continuously monitor the integrity of the curtains, injecting new replacement curtains into the inventory as needed. Northwest Health Care Linen also offers hardware upgrades with the leasing program.

For each of the cubicle curtain solutions, Northwest Health Care Linen offers routinely scheduled cleanings based on each facility’s particular requirements.

To learn more about the program and download the brochure, please visit the Cubicle Curtain Solution service page.

Northwest Health Care Linen Signs Six-Year Contract

Bellingham, WA – A Bellingham linen service company has signed a large contract that could mean an additional 25 jobs in this area.

Northwest Health Care Linen recently signed a six-year contract with Franciscan Health System. The Bellingham company will provide medical laundry service to the south Puget Sound region for the non-profit organization. Franciscan Health operates a variety of medical facilities, including five full-service hospitals, medical groups and surgery centers in Tacoma, Federal Way, Lakewood, Enumclaw and Gig Harbor.

The contract will grow incrementally as Franciscan phases out existing contracts with other companies, said Bill Akers, vice president of customer relations for the company. Once the contract is fully in place, it’ll mean an extra six million pounds of linen serviced annually. Before the contract was signed, the Northwest Health Care Linen was doing about 13 million pounds of linen a year.

Akers expects the 25 additional jobs in production and transportation to be phased in within a year, increasing the company’s workforce to 140. The company won’t have to make changes to its facility to handle the extra workload because of a remodel in 2002 that tripled the size of the facility.

“That’s the great thing about this is we have plenty of extra capacity,” said Akers, adding that it will also bring money into Whatcom County.

The remodel in 2002 also increased the energy efficiency of the company. The process requires 60 percent less water than before the remodel, Akers said, also requiring less energy to heat the water.

Northwest Health Care Linen’s service area stretches from Bellingham to Olympia, from single-provider practices to hospitals.

Dave Gallagher, The Bellingham Herald