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Northwest Linen: The Best Medical Clothing Provider in Washington

Providing an exceptional experience within the medical facility demands strict attention to detail at every step. In patient care, quality takes on a new meaning when less-than-stellar service can mean the difference between life and death. Northwest Linen understands medical science is rapid and ever-changing. New scientific literature and best practices are evolving, so we […]

Washington State Medical Laundry Services from Northwest Linen

The medical industry never sleeps, so neither do we. Upholding best practices in employee hygiene, sanitary procedure, and patient care is a full-time job. It’s crucial to providing a comprehensively outstanding service. With so much on our healthcare workers’ plates, easing their burdens to improve productivity and accelerate patient recovery is our mission. We are […]

Nursing Scrubs in Washington State

There are several elements that are essential for healthcare staff to deliver exceptional service to their patients. A few include access to medical resources, clear communication, mental and physical checkups, or nursing scrubs capable of protecting and bringing comfort to our healthcare heroes. Healthcare never sleeps, so neither do the men and women on the […]

Lab Coats in Washington State from Northwest Linen

Healthcare facilities are synonymous with phrases like high-octane and fast-paced. They also draw comparisons to Petri dishes that house all kinds of harmful germs and contaminants. Healthcare apparel and the Washington state residents that sport them can’t afford anything less than exceptional. Linens that withstand the hustle and bustle of an unforgiving workweek are mandatory. […]

Medical Scrubs in Washington State

Health care practices need scrubs to properly equip their staff for the tasks at hand. However, finding the right quality and quantity is difficult without the help of an experienced provider. If your practice is looking for medical scrubs in Washington state, look no further than Northwest Health Care Linen!

The Dangers of Disposable Medical Gowns

Medical gowns are integral aspects of patient care and safety. The right ones ensure that medical personnel can perform their jobs well and without worry. With this in mind, there are multiple different kinds of gowns and some you should outright avoid. For example, there are many dangers of disposable medical gowns that are more […]