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Our news is now online!

For the past few years Northwest Health Care Linen has been putting out a quarterly newsletter for all our customers. However, with spam filters and high security on computer’s today, our newsletter isn’t reaching everyone that we would like it to. So we’re going to start publishing on our website too. Click the link below […]

Northwest Health Care Linen Reaches Safety Milestone

Northwest Health Care Linen Celebrates 4 Years without a Time Loss Incident Bellingham, WA — August 15, 2016 — Northwest Health Care Linen, a premier medical textiles launder based in Bellingham, WA recently celebrated 4 years of operations without a time loss injury on August 3rd. This accomplishment is the result of Northwest Health Care […]

Northwest Health Care Linen Earns 5-Star Certification from EnviroStars

Northwest Health Care Linen, a comprehensive health care laundry service provider, has been awarded a 5 Star rating from EnviroStars, a state-run, nationally-recognized program that focuses on environmental sustainability. Northwest Health Care Linen’s 5-Star certification is the highest level of certification a business can receive from the EnviroStars program. This level of certification recognizes that […]

Nothing Left Behind: Quantifying Hygienically Clean Removes All Doubt

As one of the first in the nation to be certified Hygienically Clean-Healthcare by TRSA, we at Northwest Health Care Linen are focused on spreading the word on Hygienically Clean. The following article, written by TRSA and sent to subscribers of Infection Control Today (ICT) magazine , highlights the emerging importance to providers of receiving quantified […]