Medical Linen and Apparel Service in Bellingham, WA

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For more than 30 years, Northwest Health Care Linen has supplied high-quality medical linen and apparel service in Bellingham, Washington. We’re a local family-owned health care linen and apparel company that prioritizes client happiness. With Northwest, medical linens and clothing are always clean and readily available, as well as supported by knowledgeable, attentive staff.

Medical Apparel

At Northwest, we understand the significance of maintaining a clean and well-maintained appearance for medical practitioners. That’s why we provide a variety of medical clothing alternatives to fit your needs.

Patient Apparel 

Patient clothing from Northwest is always clean and comfortable. This includes:

Medical Linen 

Health care environments require high-quality and reliable linens, which is why Northwest offers the following products:

Speciality Products

We provide linen, apparel, and equipment for behavioral health and hyperbaric therapy practitioners.

Direct Purchases

We provide a range of goods that are tailored to the unique demands of health care facilities. We offer each of the following:

Contact Northwest Health Care Linen for Local Medical Linen and Apparel Service in Bellingham

Northwest Health Care Linen is a medical linen and rental service with years of experience in staff and patient comfort and satisfaction. If your facility wishes to make use of our services, please contact us right away. We understand the challenges of medical linen and apparel management, but our expertise has equipped us to address those issues successfully. For more information or a free quote, contact Northwest Health Care Linen at (360) 647-2974 or fill out the online form.

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