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Medical uniforms or apparel in your healthcare facility does more than provide employees a professional look and patients comfortable garments. High-quality healthcare apparel that is professionally maintained protects both patients and employees from cross-contamination, along with many other hazards.  You can’t second guess the quality and hygiene of your medical textiles and garments. Northwest Healthcare Linen offers the most secure medical uniforms and apparel in Washington state.

Top-Notch Service in Washington

Northwest Healthcare is the authority in medical uniform and apparel service in Washington. With our high-quality equipment, accredited laundry facility and methods, we’ll provide safe and comfortable medical apparel. Our commitment to efficiency ensures reliable, seamless medical uniform apparel service to your Washington facility.

Complete Healthcare Linen and Garment Service for Your Facility

Northwest Healthcare offers a complete selection of medical apparel and linens. Our selections include everything from bed and bath basics and patient-use garments to critical care essentials, including surgical garments and linens.

We offer: 

Secure and Safe Medical Laundry Service

Northwest Healthcare puts a premium on the safety and hygiene of your medical linens. Our Hygienically Clean Healthcare badge is your best assurance that your most crucial linens are ready to deploy for everyday operations.

Convenience and Reliability from Start to Finish

From safe handling to secure, stable deliveries, keeping up with your medical linen needs in Washington is at its easiest when in the hands of Northwest Healthcare.

The Best Way to Secure Your Healthcare Linen Needs

Securing the healthcare linen needs of any facility is a daunting, vitally important, and non-stop task. We’re here to help.

Northwest Healthcare is all about investing in quality and efficiency. We make sure that your most important linens get the care and cleaning they need. Just as important as professional cleaning is secure delivery, which we provide. When lives and health are at stake, this is the best way to go about your healthcare linens.

Additionally, with our responsive customer care and delivery teams, we ensure open and easy communications. We respond to any concerns as swiftly and as effectively as possible.

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