Not your neighborhood laundromat

More like a manufacturing plant, less like your laundry room. We have the capacity to process 24 million pounds of linen per year. On an average day, we process 50,000 pounds of linen. To gain perspective, the average family of four generates about 40 pounds of laundry each week, totaling 2,080 pounds in a year. Our plant can handle over 24 years’ worth of a family’s laundry in one day. At Northwest Health Care Linen, every day is laundry day and we strive to be the most efficient and hygienic in our process.

When our trucks arrive at our facility, all items are sorted and grouped together by similar items before their wash cycle can begin. Our machines are programmed to formulate specific chemical combinations and precise water amounts to complete each load. This unique process maintains the integrity of our products while conserving water and energy. Our washers use two-thirds the amount of water of conventional washing machines.

Once each load is washed and dried, our trained staff members inspect each item to ensure product quality. Every laundered item is directed to its designated finishing station where it’s properly folded and prepped for delivery. Specialty items such as lab coats and surgical products receive extra, attentive care. Our lab coats are pressed rather than steamed, receive spot care and are mended as needed. All of our surgical products, including gowns and surgical towels are meticulously inspected over light tables and surgical towels are de-linted by hand and wrapped to guarantee a flawless product delivery.

The layout of our facility is designed to protect our linen from the spread of infection and bloodborne pathogens. Barrier walls and air filtration systems are isolation safeguards put in place and strictly enforced to guarantee that there is never a risk of contamination, as contact is never made between clean and soiled laundry.

Our processes meet all standards set by Textile Rental Services Association of America (TRSA).