Concerned that your curtains are not cleaned often enough?

As a focus of hospital-acquired infection reduction programs, there is more emphasis being placed on cleaning curtains regularly. The team at Northwest Health Care Linen offers real and immediate solutions for your facility.

Custom Solutions

  1. Cleaning Program
    • In need of reliable and regular curtain cleaning?
    • Curtains are sanitized with an EPA registered cleaning agent
    • Our process eliminates dryer wear, the leading cause of damage
    • Curtains are delivered bagged and on hangers
    • Cost effective service with rapid turnaround time
    • Create a routine cleaning program based on your schedule
  2. Temporary Replacement Program
    • In need of curtains while your curtains are being cleaned?
    • Attractive, neutral in color to match any room’s décor
    • Curtains available in both 8’ and 9’ lengths
    • Fabric is fire retardant and is treated with an antimicrobial finish
    • Our universal snap together panels fit any sized track
  3. Leasing Program
    • In need of new cubicle curtains with no capital budget?
    • Upgrade your facility with no capital outlay
    • Select curtain fabric and style that complements your facility
    • Upgrade or replace your track hardware
    • Reduce EVS labor cost with new hookless systems