Integrity Is Our Fabric

Hear from our health care partners the ways we help please patients & manage costs.

Health Care Linen Bellingham WA

What does full medical linen service mean?

Medical linen and apparel rental service in Washington should provide the materials your medical facility needs and more. As the most comprehensive linen service available to the health care industry, we’re focused on providing the best in customer satisfaction and environmental performance. We’re considered a collaborator in the overall success of our customers’ facilities, not just a vendor.

Washington medical linen and apparel service that supports your facility:

Our unique approach consists of quality product selection, unparalleled customer support, and a dedicated patient focus, making us much more than wash, rinse, repeat.


We are the fastest growing exclusively medical laundry in the Northwest and take pride in creating a work environment that promotes enthusiasm and professional growth. The success of our company is dependant on our highly motivated, energetic team-oriented staff who excel at great customer service.

We really are… Different.

Our Mission to Medical Providers is defined by the words Quality, Partner, and Responsible.   But the words alone don’t set us apart – it’s how we define them – in action.

Quality – We continually invest in new products, technology, and training and have the highest rating in the world for medically exclusive laundries – TRSA Hygienically Clean.  Quality is our culture.

Partner – Being Medically Exclusive allows us to focus on your world, the world of health, healing, and patient care. Our products are designed to specifically meet the needs of patient care and provide a professional image while managing your cost.  Our Service team brings over 100yrs of experience to personally respond to you at every level from a 300-bed inpatient hospital to rural family practices and every care focus in between. Partnership is our culture.

ResponsibleOur heart of service is driven by our soul of responsible management. Whether it is the details of a daily order, being accountable for every piece of medical linen we deliver, keeping your cost low, transparency in our billing, or caring for the environment we all share – Responsible is our culture.

Maybe it’s because we are a family-owned, second Generation Company who share this amazing Puget Sound Region with you or perhaps because we understand that you care for us and so we want to provide a service that cares for you.  At the end of the day we believe you will find we really are – Different.

Cubicle Curtain Solutions

As a focus of hospital-acquired infection reduction programs, there is more emphasis being placed on cleaning curtains regularly. The team at Northwest Health Care Linen offers real and immediate solutions for your facility.

Spotlight: Minimizing Linen Loss

Northwest Health Care Linen can provide a complete review of your linen distribution process to identify your cost-saving opportunities.

Hygienically Clean Certified

Service Area

At Northwest Health Care Linen, we service the greater Puget Sound region of western Washington. From the Canadian border in the north to the south Puget Sound, we have been delivering comprehensive and environmentally conscious service to single provider practices, surgery centers and large clinic and hospital systems since 1992.

We’d like the opportunity to show you how Northwest Health Care Linen can develop a collaborative plan that works for your health care system. Please contact us to learn how we can become your partner in providing exceptional health care.

I just want to tell you again how much I appreciate Doug Plemmons!  He is incredibly responsive and professional.  He returns phone calls quickly, provides needed account information, and helps us keep our patients comfortable with his timely linen deliveries.

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