How do you know your linen is clean? We can prove it.

Hygienically Clean has become the fastest growing textile services certification by focusing not just on SOP’s for handling linen, but on outcomes and test results.  Northwest Health Care Linen is proud to say we were the 3rd laundry facility in the nation to be certified Hygienically Clean-Healthcare.

There are many infection prevention issues that hospitals and outpatient facilities have to worry about and deal with these days; but the cleanliness of your linens shouldn’t have to be one of them.

“In Healthcare we are inspected by outside agencies on a constant basis. There is a need for this and it keeps us up to date with ongoing changes in our industry. To do business with a group that follows that same standard just makes sense. We should not have to worry about our vendors. The should bring their best foot forward and working with a laundry that is certified Hygienically Clean Healthcare gives us one less thing to worry about. This allows us to spend our resources where we need to.”

In addition to Best Practices and laundry SOP’s that cover all federal, state and professional standards our linen is tested quarterly by an independent 3rd party lab. Our textiles are subjected to the RODAC test in which textiles tested are expected to have less than or equal to 20 cfu’s per square decimeter. USP 62 measures seven specific microorganisms and is a absent/present test. If any of these microorganism are present we do not pass the test:

  1. Salmonella
  2. Escherichia coli
  3. Staphylococcus aureus
  4. Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  5. Candida albicans
  6. Bile Tolerant Gram Negative Bacteria
  7. Clostridium sporogenes

5 Reasons Hygienically Clean Sets Us above the Rest

  1. Quantifiable: It is the only certification that requires goods to be tested by an independent lab to verify they are hygienically clean. Products are tested quarterly for:
  2. Objectivity: Only certification using internationally recognized standards, independent inspection and ongoing testing as the ultimate judge in hygiene.
  3. Continuous: Only certification requiring laundries to pass ongoing microbial testing demanding consistent performance.
  4. ISO Guidelines: ISO states that production processes are not reliable indicators of product quality, only product-specific testing can earn certification.
  5. Internationally Recognized: Based on established international standards that can be applied around the world across all textile services customer markets.

We here at Northwest Health Care Linen work hard to uphold top marks in the ways we function and the Hygienically Clean Healthcare certification we receive through TRSA is a testament to our commitment to cleanliness.