Healthcare Curtain Cleaning Service

Sanitation is vital in every part of a medical facility’s practice: even the curtains. Privacy curtains are often one of the most overlooked elements of a clean medical environment. Additionally, without proper care they can degrade quickly and compromise the protection they offer. That’s why medical facilities should get their healthcare curtain cleaning service from the professionals at Northwest Health Care Linen.

Why Professional Healthcare Curtain Cleaning Service is Important

Not utilizing the help of top-notch healthcare curtain cleaning professionals poses many problems for patients, staff, and facility:

Infection Risks

Medical curtains are one of the most touched items in any healthcare facility by both patients and staff. Most medical facilities aren’t equipped with the proper equipment or the right specialists to deal with cleaning curtains. Because of this, infection risks are significantly higher with on-premise or just any old laundry service.

Damage to Curtains

Washers and dryers are an iconic pairing that most people think of when they hear the word “laundry”. However, they’re not always the best combination for various products, including healthcare curtains. Dryers in particular will cause quite a bit of damage to healthcare curtains. Sometimes, that damage is easily noticeable but other times, it can be as hard to notice as weakening the curtain integrity and effectiveness.

High Costs

When curtains are damaged, replacing them is a high priority, and an expensive one. Quality curtains can be pricey when purchased directly, but that expense is dwarfed by their maintenance costs, especially when done incorrectly. Luckily, there is a solution to the healthcare curtain cleanliness problem facing healthcare facilities.

Northwest Healthcare Linen’s Curtain Cleaning Professionals Are Ready To Help 

Northwest Health Care Linen is the Greater Puget Sound region’s leading provider of high-quality medical linens, uniforms, and laundry service. Here’s what we have to offer medical facilities:

  • Hygienically Clean service. Northwest Health Care Linen has been certified as Hygienically Clean by the TRSA. This means you can expect your curtains to be properly cleaned and in stock whenever you need them. 
  • Steam drying. In our decades of service, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to properly maintain our clients’ healthcare linens. Medical curtains fall apart in the dryer, so we steam dry them in our state-of-the-art steam tunnel system. 
  • Low costs. Northwest Health Care Linen uses sophisticated tracking technology, advanced machinery, and the best-trained team of specialists in the country to ensure results. We’re careful, repairing and even fully replacing everything that needs it. We also offer the most competitive rates in the Greater Puget Sound region to give our clients the best bang for their buck.

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If you need healthcare curtain cleaning professionals then look no further than Northwest Health Care Linen! We have the experience and the reach to help your business in the Greater Puget Sound region. And you can start today! Contact us at (360) 647-2974 or visit our website for more information on how we can help you.