Medical Linen and Apparel Service in Mt. Vernon, WA

medical linen service mt. vernon

For more than 30 years, Northwest Health Care Linen has provided high-quality medical linen and apparel service in Mt. Vernon, Washington. We’re a local, family-owned healthcare linen and apparel provider that puts customer pleasure first. Medical linen and clothing supplies are consistently clean with Northwest, and they’re always accessible as well as supported by a skilled, attentive facility.

Medical Apparel

Professional-grade medical apparel that’s always clean and expertly managed is available to Silverdale healthcare providers through Northwest. We offer: 

Patient Apparel

Patient clothing from Northwest is always clean and comfy. This includes:

Medical Linen

Northwest provides high-quality, consistent linens that are essential for any health care environment. We offer the following products:

Specialty Products

We also provide linen, apparel, and items for practices specializing in behavioral health and hyperbaric treatment.

Direct Purchases

In addition, we offer products that are specific to certain functions for health care facilities. Facilities can purchase these items directly from us. These include:

Contact Northwest Health Care Linen for Local Medical Linen and Apparel Service in Mt. Vernon

If your facility wishes to make use of our services that focus on staff and patient comfort and satisfaction, please contact us right away. Northwest Health Care Linen is a medical linen and rental service that understands the challenges of medical linen and apparel management. Our years of expertise have equipped us to successfully address those issues.

For medical linen and apparel service in Mt. Vernon, WA, contact Northwest Health Care Linen at (360) 647-2974 or request a free quote online.

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