medical linen service protects patients

How Medical Linen Service Protects Patients

medical linen service protects patients

Medical linens can be a hotbed for harmful pathogens. They are well-known vehicles for cross-contamination that can lead to Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs). Keeping thousands of pounds of healthcare linens consistently clean and safe, however, is a gargantuan task. Between that and caring for patients and balancing the costs, linen management can overwhelm even the best-equipped facility. 

The Solution: Medical Linen Rental Service

Outsourcing your linen supply and laundry needs can bring you more than just convenience and cost-efficiency. It can reinforce your infection control protocols and boost patient protection. Here’s how:

Linen Rental Services Make Sure Your Patients Have Access to Fresh, Clean Medical Linens

One of the foremost advantages of renting your healthcare linens is how they eliminate your facility’s risk of shortages.

Healthcare linen shortages are not just a logistics and inventory issue. They endanger patients as well, with infrequent linen changes raising your patients’ risk for acquiring nosocomial infections. The longer the linens sit unchanged, the more exposed they are to environmental pathogens (i.e., from contact with personnel uniforms).

Linen rental services for healthcare can eliminate these risks by ensuring the constant availability of clean linens. Bigger washing capacities and faster processing times provide less waiting and faster turnaround. Additionally, linen service providers have a much larger inventory. This allows medical facilities the flexibility to accommodate your facility’s linen demands even during busier seasons.

Medical Linen Rental Services Provide Hassle-Free Maintenance for Your Linens

Linen rental services also provide hassle-free maintenance for your inventory. How does this differ from laundering your inventory in your own facility? Commercial-scale linen rental facilities have the benefit of focusing solely on the perfect cleanliness and readiness of materials. There’s no need for logistical planning or conservative strategy if a machine breaks or an unexpected surge in patients occurs. If a facility is good, they’re ready for anything. 

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Safety Without Compromise

North West Health Care is the local, family-owned expert in healthcare linen and maintenance services in Washington. We have the perfect formula of expertise, experience, and technological excellence to bring you the safest results for your supplies.

Our processes comply with all the highest standards in the industry and has earned the Hygienically Clean Certification to boot.

Our service is the boost that your infection control efforts need to keep your patients safe, comfortable, and satisfied under your care.

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