Medical Linen Direct Purchase

medical linen direct purchase

Successful linen management is never just about linens. Everything else involved in handling your linens matters just as much. They need to possess the kind of dependable, durable quality that can withstand the rigors of day-to-day health care operations. And there’s one health care linen service expert in Washington that has these kinds of items available for direct purchase: Northwest Health Care Linen!

Items Available for Direct Purchase

Northwest Health Care Linen offers you a complete selection of non-linen and non-garment items that are essential to the management and storage of your health care linens.

We offer:

Superior Quality, Competitive Prices

Northwest Health offers these products not just in the best quality. We also offer them at competitive rates that help you keep up with your facility’s needs without going overboard on the budget.

No one understands your health care facility’s linen and uniform needs better than we do. We know, from our years of experience that it takes more than just superior linens and uniforms to make it work. You need the right tools to ensure the safe, secure, and efficient handling of your supplies at every stage of the process. 

And that’s what our direct purchase service is here for. We provide you with a superb selection of products that will aid in your on-site linen management – from storage to disposal. We have handpicked each item for quality, to ensure superior functionality and excellent results.

Contact Northwest Today!

Stock up on your linen management supplies with ease and confidence! Arrange for your purchases today with Northwest Health Care Linen! Call us at (360) 647-2974 to speak with a member of our team who can walk you through your options. You may also send us a message here to request a copy of our direct purchase catalog!