A curtain that isn’t regularly cleaned in a medical facility is a dangerous curtain to be around. Even if a room undergoes regular cleaning and sterilization, if the curtain isn’t frequently, professionally cleaned, it can harbor pathogens and degrade prematurely. A professional healthcare curtain cleaning service can help:

We have the experience, machinery, and capacity to reliably provide healthcare curtain cleaning service to medical facilities in Washington. Here’s why we’re the right choice:

Northwest Health Care Linen is Your Best Bet for High-Quality Healthcare Curtain Cleaning

We have decades of experience providing Greater Puget Sound facilities the medical linens, uniforms, and laundry service they need to succeed:

Healthcare Curtain-Specific Treatments

Healthcare curtains are sturdy things, but cleaned improperly, will degrade quickly. If they’re processed by us, your healthcare curtains will be thoroughly washed and sent through a steam tunnel on special hangers. Steam drying eliminates all wrinkles and preserves the life of the curtain and mesh. From there it’s folded, put on a hanger, and covered in a garment bag before arriving at your facility. 

Proper Maintenance

Between our skilled medical laundry specialists and the best tracking technology and machinery in the industry, we can ensure proper maintenance of healthcare curtains. We don’t allow items that have rips, tears, or stains to reach our customers, and vigilantly monitor articles as they move through our facility. When we find a curtain not up to our standards, it is repaired or replaced. 

Personalized Service

We work closely with our clients to meet their budgetary needs and provide the support they need at every step. Our team of customer care specialists are available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Service with Northwest Health Care Linen is service you can rely on!

Quality Assurance

Northwest Health Care Linen puts a great deal of effort into ensuring that curtains we process are free of pathogens, stains, and other materials. We’ve even earned the TRSA’s Hygienically Clean Certification for our efforts! Our clients only receive items that meet our industry’s highest standards. 

Fast Turn-Around

Quality material and professional maintenance procedure doesn’t mean much if your curtains aren’t there when they need to be. Thanks to our optimized processes, we provide incredibly fast turn-around. We’ll keep you stocked with the healthcare curtains your facility needs.

Northwest Health Care Linen Provides Healthcare Curtain Cleaning Services Medical Facilities Need

Northwest Health Care Linen is the healthcare curtain cleaning service medical facilities can rely on! Start today and receive high-quality assurance, professional maintenance, and service designed for you.

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