national medical laundry companies

National Medical Laundry Companies Let Customers Down. We Don’t.

national medical laundry companies

Tired of national medical laundry companies never living up to expectations? Massive, nationwide organizations have thousands of customers dividing their attention and service. That translates to service problems for their customers, but especially for those small to  mid-size medical facilities.

Northwest Health Care Linen is a Washington-based and focused medical laundry organization that is ready to help. We develop  cooperative strategies that work for your healthcare facility, unlike the blanket procedure used by national companies. 

Why Go Local Over National?

You deserve a business that understands your needs and meets them. That’s something that a national medical laundry company will struggle to do. A local company like Northwest Health Care Linen is better prepared to help your facility for many reasons:

Local Knowledge

Northwest Health Care Linen works in the greater Puget Sound region of western Washington. We have been providing exhaustive service to single-provider practices, large clinic and hospital systems, and surgery centers for nearly 30 years. We know the local market and, because of that, we know exactly who we’re working with and what does and doesn’t work for them. Our operations are designed to stimulate the local economy and include several TRSA-certified green initiatives to keep the local environment healthy. 

A national medical laundry company, on the other hand, does not have the benefit of local knowledge. Since their operations are so widespread and their customer service outsourced, they struggle to understand the individual communities they serve. These companies are much more focused on their own growth rather than that of the communities they represent and, as a result, don’t have as much of an interest in local economies or environments. 

Personalized Service

A local company like Northwest Health Care Linen can supply the most personalized service possible. Our manageable business structure gives our clients the advantage of being able to avoid unnecessary bureaucracy. With a small collection of customers, we are able to care for them more directly and efficiently than most. That direct care also translates into giving you a cost advantage over competing brands. 

Massive corporations are often so detached from the people they serve because they get so caught up in their own red tape. Their clientele list is so huge that they simply do not have the time to meet everyone’s needs. Because of all this, they also hold no compunction over losing you as a customer by charging far too much money for even the simplest services. 

High Quality Material

Just because a company is nation-wide doesn’t mean it knows what kind of material you need. Before Northwest Health Care Linen existed, our former President and CEO, Jim Hall owned an extended-care center. His background gave him a broad understanding of exactly what a healthcare facility needs to do what it does best. Northwest Health Care Linen’s durable and stain-resistant material is incomparable to the cheap material national medical laundry companies often use to save money. 

Northwest Healthcare Linen is Looking Out For You

If you’re looking to avoid the hassle of national medical laundry companies, then Northwest Healthcare Linen is where you want to be. Call us at (360) 647-2974 or contact us here for a competitive quote.