EVS Cleaning Products

evs cleaning products

EVS cleaning products are a staple in health care facilities that use them, and Northwest Health Care has them ready to go. For the safest, most reliable results, go with Washington State’s number 1 provider:

Get the EVS Cleaning Products You Need from Northwest Health Care Linen!

For over 30 years, Northwest Health Care Linen has led the industry in the Evergreen State with products that keep medical facilities Hygienically Clean! Our EVS cleaning products stand out because they are:

Effective and Safe

Medical facilities need consistent, deep cleanings to ensure the safety of the patients and staff within. In order to meet this need, access to professional grade cleaning products is essentail. That’s where Northwest Linen comes in! Our mops and towels are durable enough to withstand continued use and remain effective for as long as our clients need them. 

High-Quality Products

Northwest Linen ensures every item delivered is professional-grade and ready to tackle the messes it must. Reusable items like mop heads and microfiber cloths are perfectly cleaned with medical-grade cleaning processes before delivery. Thanks to these processes, we always return every item to our clients as if it’s brand new. This way, our products maintain their already considerable lifespans, remaining useful to our clients for as long as possible.

Available When You Need Them

With durable, long-lasting products like these, our clients can rest assured that their inventory is always properly maintained. Reusability is what allows each item to remain available when our clients need them most. No supply chain shortages, recessions, or even inclement weather will impact your stock when you work with Northwest Linen!

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