Patient with walker

Patient with walker

Patient apparel is a constant necessity in any healthcare facility. Oftentimes, however, hospitals waste perfectly good money on garments that don’t get the job done or don’t last the way they should. 

Northwest Healthcare’s Patient Apparel Improves Patient Experience

Quality patient apparel is important to ensuring a successful work environment for healthcare staff. That is where Northwest Healthcare Linen comes in. We provide only the best for our clients so they can focus on what really matters: the patient. 


Guaranteeing the safety of the patient is first and foremost. Northwest Healthcare works hard to make certain that we provide exactly what patient needs regardless of shape, size, or age. Our gowns and robes are easy to equip or remove and to accommodate any kind of procedure a patient would need to undergo.


Beyond being able to fit anyone, we go a step further and make our apparel as comfortable as possible. We understand how much of a difference to any procedure a calm and collected patient can make. Our high-quality apparel make a patient feel at ease no matter what they’re about to go through. This makes the lives of staff easier while also improving performance. 


Long-lasting and reusable apparel is a great way to save money. Our textiles are made to survive the strain of most any kind of substance they come into contact with. Our commercial laundry service washes them quickly and efficiently, making them look and work as if they were completely unused by the time they return to you. 

Integrity is in the Fabric of Northwest Healthcare Linen

It doesn’t get better than Northwest Healthcare when it comes to quality patient apparel. Call us at (360) 647-2974 or contact us here to learn more.