isolation gowns

isolation gowns

Isolation gowns are integral parts of any healthcare business. For any business in need of the best isolation gowns at the most reasonable prices, Northwest Healthcare Linen has you covered!

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Why Go With Northwest Linen?

Northwest Linen has been in the industry for decades. In that time, we have gained a unique perspective that allows us to stand out from the rest of the competition. Here are the four most essential aspects of our business that make us your best bet.

A Focus On the Wearer

Every isolation gown is built with the wearer in mind at Northwest Linen. Each offers complete protection from fluids and allows healthcare professionals to do their jobs well. They come in one-size-fits-all sizing and don’t hold body heat in order to maximize comfort. As a result of our design practices, your employees are always protected and comfortable.

Clean, Long-Lasting Products

Northwest Linen’s commercial laundry facilities ensure no stain or breach will ever pass our notice. We closely track every product so that any necessary repairs or replacements can be made free of charge. This guarantees our clients have no shortages or unnecessary headaches. Our commitment to cleanliness and reusable products has earned us the TRSA’s Hygienically Clean Certification

Customer Care

Northwest Linen covers the greater Puget Sound region of western Washington. Due to our focus on this region, we specialize in quality and personalized customer care. We are able to more closely and efficiently match what our clients need while also helping to manage their expenses. 

Local Responsibility

Our local specialization allows us to also recognize the responsibility we hold towards the environments we operate in. We are far more focused on community growth than larger, national companies. The TRSA has also awarded us the Clean Green Certification for our focus on eco-friendly practices. These include reclaiming and recycling water, reducing our solid waste stream, and reusing plastic and other disposable items whenever possible. 

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Northwest Healthcare is the leading provider of isolation gowns in the greater Puget Sound region of western Washington state. Start today with a call to (360) 738-7693 or by directing any inquiries here for more information.