benefits of local healthcare linen service

Benefits of Local Healthcare Linen Service

benefits of local healthcare linen service

Medical practices have enough on their plate; the last thing they need to worry about is their linen. Many practices outsource their linen needs for this very reason. But where can a facility find a reliable, trustworthy provider? It might be tempting to go with a large, national healthcare linen service but they are often provide poor quality materials and service. Local healthcare linen service is far more likely to go above and beyond of their customers. Here’s what that means:

The Main Benefits of Local Healthcare Linen Service

Bigger doesn’t always mean better and that’s especially the case with medical linen service. Local providers offer each of the following pros over national services:

Personalized Service

Where national providers are sometimes too big for their own good, local medical linen service ensures personalized service. Bigger companies often have too many layers of red tape to deal with before talking to a decision-maker. However, smaller providers often eliminate this bureaucracy entirely. They have fewer people which means fewer hurdles to jump through and they have fewer clients which means they have more time and effort to give. Many of these businesses are family-owned and their owners even work in the same building or floor as their other staff. This eliminates confusion and demonstrates their commitment to the people they work with and for.

Reliable Supply

National providers often spread themselves far too thin across the country. Meanwhile, local healthcare linen services not only take on clients they know they can service. They also intimately know the areas they operate in since it’s their home too. All of this translates into more consistent and on-time deliveries with no items disappearing or breaking in transit without warning or explanation.

Investment in the Local Community

Many national providers don’t consider the impact of their operations on the communities they serve. This increases the potential for environmental issues since they don’t operate with the same appreciation or care that comes with local history. It also means they have less incentive to invest in the local community since they are big enough to pick any market in the country. Meanwhile, working with local companies directly benefits the local communities they operate in. They are more likely to care for the environments they both live and operate in while also investing locally to benefit their own communities.

Northwest Health Care Linen Service is the Best Partner for Washington Practices

Northwest Health Care Linen is the leading provider of local medical linen service in Washington state. We succeed where national suppliers fail because we provide:

  • Family-Owned Service. Northwest Health Care Linen was founded in 1992 by Jim Hall and remains under the care of the Hall family to this day. We are partners with our customers and ensure their needs are taken care of at all times.
  • Consistent Inventory. Thanks to our commercial-grade laundry and reusable products, we have a consistent inventory of linen and uniform products. We are committed to delivering our products in a matter of hours if needed.
  • Local Investment. Northwest Health Care Linen cares for the communities we serve. We are environmentally conscious, earning the Clean Green Certification, a 5-star rating from EnviroStars. We are also active members of the Laundry Environmental Stewardship Program. Additionally, Northwest hires and invests locally to ensure a healthy Washington market for everyone involved!

Contact Northwest Health Care Linen Today!

Don’t waste time or money with national providers when a local health care linen service is available! Northwest Health Care Linen has the reliable, proven service that Washington practices deserve. Sign up today by calling us at 1-360-647-2974 or by reaching out to us on our website here.

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