specialty products washington

Specialty Products Available to Washington Medical Practices

specialty products washington

Most health care linen and uniform providers carry general-purpose products for hospitals and more common medical practices. However, few can claim they carry specialty products available to Washington medical practices tailored to specific healthcare operations. There’s one business in the Greater Puget Sound region that has reliable products in stock:

Northwest Health Care Linen Provides Specialty Products Available to Washington Medical Practices

Northwest Health Care Linen is the Hygienically Clean Certified provider that Washington medical practices rely on! We provide more than just the average medical linen and apparel. Our specialty products available to Washington medical practices include: 

Behavioral Health Linen and Apparel

Northwest offers behavioral knit fitted sheets that stand out from normal sheets due to their Safety Surged Edge. It replaces traditional binding since it can be used as a ligature within behavioral health units. Its 100% synthetic material also wicks moisture for supreme patient comfort. We also provide unisex scrub tops and bottoms for behavioral health personnel with a polyester and cotton blend. They are highly ergonomic to ensure optimum mobility for their wearers/

Hyperbaric Linen and Apparel

Our flannel bath blankets, flat sheets, and pillowcases are optimal for hyperbaric chambers due to their 100% cotton fabric. Additionally, our patient gowns and hyperbaric scrubs use a similar material without sacrificing comfort or mobility for their wearers. 

Adult Terry Bibs

Northwest’s terry cloth clothing protectors provide optimal spill protection and are both soft and heavyweight. These bibs are designed for patient comfort while remaining highly effective at their designed purpose.

Cubicle Curtains

Our cubicle curtains use antimicrobial fire retardant material that prevents the spread of contagions while also allowing optimal patient privacy. They are a neutral color which allows them to match the aesthetics of just about any medical facility.

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Northwest Health Care Linen is Your Ideal Partner

With decades of history and the best specialty products in Washington, Northwest has you covered! Our service stands out because we offer:

  • Local, Family Service. Now in our second generation of family ownership, Northwest offers dedicated service to local, Washington businesses. Our business offers a direct line of communication to our clients with no red tape, headaches, or caveats of any kind! We work hard to meet every client’s needs as closely as possible and maintain our working relationship with them.
  • Hygienically Clean Laundering. The TRSA has certified our laundry process as Hygienically Clean. This means that our laundry service meets the highest standards in the healthcare industry and our products are always safe for patients.

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Northwest Health Care Linen is the most reliable source of Hygienically Clean specialty products available to Washington medical practices. With such a wide range of products for multiple health care businesses, Northwest is sure to have a useful solution! Call us today at 1-360-647-2974 to speak with a customer service representative who will walk you through your options. Interested in a free quote or our other products? Click here for more information!

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