Washington State Medical Laundry Services from Northwest Linen

Washington State Medical Laundry Services from Northwest Linen

Washington State Medical Laundry Services from Northwest Linen

The medical industry never sleeps, so neither do we. Upholding best practices in employee hygiene, sanitary procedure, and patient care is a full-time job. It’s crucial to providing a comprehensively outstanding service. With so much on our healthcare workers’ plates, easing their burdens to improve productivity and accelerate patient recovery is our mission. We are proud to champion first-class medical laundry services that raise the bar regarding what our beloved Washington State residents expect from their healthcare facilities. Washington State medical laundry services from Northwest Linen are writing the next chapter in quality patient care.

Why Northwest Linen?

The chain of care in the health industry is everything. From diagnosis, treatments, post-care, and everything in between, failure at any step risk devastating consequences. Northwest Linen understands that cutting corners isn’t an option. Enabling staff to perform their duties optimally and consistently, with passion and unwavering commitment is paramount. That’s why we offer a medical laundry service unmatched by competitors. 

The Northwest Process

We offer a wide selection of products that promote comfort for employees and patients. That means we need an industrial facility that matches the demands of the fast-paced, high-octane nature of the medical industry. We have the means to launder 50,000 pounds of linen per day while never compromising strict hygienic standards. Following the standards set by the TRSA, our world-class facility combats the spread of infection and bloodborne pathogens with barrier walls and air filtration systems similar to the isolation safeguards you find in the hospital. 

Reliable Laundry and Maintenance 

Washington State medical laundry services from Northwest Linen take high-quality service a step further. Protecting staff and patients with spotless, clean garments communicates professionalism, respect, and cleanliness, and its profound impacts on patient recovery can’t be understated. Linens like surgical gowns and lab coats are pressed rather than steamed. Highly-trained quality control staff inspects each product to ensure there are no rips, stains, or damages that prolong recovery and increase infection risk. 

Going Green  

Efficient output in medical laundry service shouldn’t come at the expense of the environment. This is especially so in the modern age with so many resources at our disposal dedicated to protecting our environment! Northwest is proud to boast the Clean Green Certification by TRSA, regarded as the sustainability standard for laundering facilities. We always look for ways to innovate, so we participate in the Laundry Environmental Stewardship Program focused on recycling, reusability, and advanced water, energy, and chemical conservation. 

Northwest Linen Offers the Most Reliable Washington State Medical Laundry Services

Through top-tier product selection, industry-leading green initiatives, industrial laundering facilities, streamlined deliveries, inventory tracking systems with TexTrak, and expert quality control methods, Northwest Linen leads the conversation in world-class service. 

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