Ways Medical Uniform Service Protects Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities are difficult to manage for many reasons. Ensuring staff have professional-looking and clean medical uniforms at all times is one of them. Medical uniform service alleviates this duty while providing exceptional protection for facilities, staff, and patients. Without the consistency and quality it provides, several problems can arise. Here’s how professional medical uniform service protects healthcare practices. 

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Medical Uniforms for Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals in your facility deserve the best medical uniforms on the market. Not only do high-quality healthcare uniforms improve wearer comfort, performance, and safety, but they also provide a professional appearance in every circumstance.

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We’re Featured in Business Pulse Magazine!

featured in business pulse magazine

We’re proud to announce we’ve been featured in Business Pulse Magazine: Watcom County’s leading business news publication.

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Now the only source of business news in Watcom County, Business Pulse is the premier magazine to read up on all things business since 1975. Check out their other articles and subscribe for the latest and most in-depth business resources!

2016 Northwest Health Care Linen Reaches Safety Milestone

We were mentioned in the latest online version of American Laundry News for our great safety accomplishment!

Our news is now online!

For the past few years Northwest Health Care Linen has been putting out a quarterly newsletter for all our customers. However, with spam filters and high security on computer’s today, our newsletter isn’t reaching everyone that we would like it to. So we’re going to start publishing on our website too. Click the link below to see last quarter’s news. Look for our next newsletter in the coming weeks!

Northwest Health Care Linen Reaches Safety Milestone

Northwest Health Care Linen Celebrates 4 Years without a Time Loss Incident

Bellingham, WA — August 15, 2016 — Northwest Health Care Linen, a premier medical textiles launder based in Bellingham, WA recently celebrated 4 years of operations without a time loss injury on August 3rd. This accomplishment is the result of Northwest Health Care Linen’s strong focus on employee safety.

“Safety is no accident and we strive each day to make it our number one goal,” said James Hall, CEO at Northwest Health Care Linen.

Northwest Health Care Linen’s focus each day is on safety, quality, and quantity in that order. As a team the managers and employees at Northwest Health Care Linen strive to send everyone home at the end of their shift in the same or better shape than when they arrived.

NWHCL is having a celebration BBQ at their facility for all the employees in mid-August to celebrate this hard earned safety accomplishment.

Founded in 1992, Northwest Health Care Linen is a state of the art medically exclusive laundry and linen service that serves the Puget Sound Region of Washington State. Northwest Health Care Linen is the most technologically advanced laundry in the Puget Sound, with a strong focus on product selection, distribution systems, patient care and safety.

Northwest Health Care Linen Among Top 100 in Bellingham

Northwest Health Care Linen was recognized in the summer edition of Business Pulse Magazine as being one of the Top 100 employers in Whatcom County. We are thankful that we continue to experience success, supported by our great team of people right here at home.

Northwest Health Care Linen Earns 5-Star Certification from EnviroStars

Northwest Health Care Linen, a comprehensive health care laundry service provider, has been awarded a 5 Star rating from EnviroStars, a state-run, nationally-recognized program that focuses on environmental sustainability.

Northwest Health Care Linen’s 5-Star certification is the highest level of certification a business can receive from the EnviroStars program. This level of certification recognizes that Northwest Health Care Linen has gone above and beyond the basic commitment to environmental stewardship. Northwest Health Care Linen is now one of 850 businesses statewide to participate in the EnviroStars program, and the only medically exclusive linen facility in the program.

“We are proud of the fact that our record of environmental awareness and real reductions in our waste stream are being recognized,” said Northwest Health Care Linen CEO, James Hall. “As advocates for reusable textiles instead of disposable single use products we are a fundamentally green business. In addition, we work hard to take that to the next level through conservation, reclamation and recycling. The fact that we earned the highest possible 5-Star rating from EnviroStars shows the local community we care about Whatcom County and the surrounding environment.”

The EnviroStars certification highlights Northwest Health Care Linen’s commitment to social compliance and environmental stewardship. Today, Northwest Health Care Linen’s state-of-the-art technology saves energy by reclaiming wastewater heat, as well as recycling much of the water used during this process to further reduce energy costs. In addition, Northwest Health Care Linen recycles all plastic soiled linen bags and cart covers, reducing their solid waste stream by over 85%.

Northwest Health Care Linen is a Hygienically Clean-Healthcare Accredited facility, has received the TRSA Clean Green certification and participates as a member of the “Environmental Stewardship Program”.

Northwest Health Care Linen’s service area stretches from Bellingham to Olympia, in facilities varying from single provider practices and surgery centers, to large clinic systems and hospitals.

About EnviroStars

The EnviroStars Program was created in King County, Washington in 1995, as a service of the Local Hazardous Waste Management Program. It has since been adopted across the region in Jefferson, Kitsap, Pierce, Skagit, Spokane, and Whatcom Counties. The mission of EnviroStars is to provide assistance and incentives for smaller businesses to reduce hazardous materials and waste, in order to protect public health, municipal systems, and the environment. The EnviroStars Cooperative received a prestigious “Most Valuable Pollution Prevention Program” award from the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable, in Washington DC (2006). In addition, the EnviroStars Program was honored with the Washington Governor’s Award for Pollution Prevention & Sustainability (1999). http://envirostars.org/

Northwest Health Care Linen Profiled in Business Pulse

Northwest Health Care Linen is featured in the Winter issue of the Whatcom County Business Pulse. We are an industry leader in Washington State when it comes to advancements in technology and innovation. We’ve been a proud part of Whatcom County for over 22 years.

Please read the article below to learn more about Northwest Health Care Linen.

Innovations Spur Northwest Health Care Linen Forward

Northwest Health Care Linen was recently featured in the November issue of Textile Services, a publication by TRSA (Textile Rental Services Association).

Click on the link below to read more about how Northwest Health Care Linen came to be, as well as our commitment to innovation and quality. 2013 marks our 20th year in business, and over these past 20 years we have strived to be a leader in the industry with our innovative approach to production and customer service.

To learn more about Northwest Health Care click here: Innovation at Northwest Health Care Linen