The Dangers of Disposable Medical Gowns

Medical gowns are integral aspects of patient care and safety. The right ones ensure that medical personnel can perform their jobs well and without worry. With this in mind, there are multiple different kinds of gowns and some you should outright avoid. For example, there are many dangers of disposable medical gowns that are more common to them than other types of gowns.

The Biggest Dangers of Disposable Medical Gowns

The dangers of disposable medical gowns are too great to ignore thanks to each of the following drawbacks:

Cross-Contamination Risks

The biggest and most common danger of disposable gowns is the risk of cross-contamination. This is already a major hazard to healthcare workers and patients and disposable gowns only exacerbate the problem. Disposables aren’t meant to be washed and many facilities and their staff may reuse them. This can be to cut costs on replacing gowns, staff trying to make the most out of each gown, or simple mismanagement of used garments. Regardless, disposable gowns are far more likely to spread contagions and lower facility safety.

Inconsistent Supply

A recent study by the American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC) found that disposable gowns are not ideal in surge capacity situations. They aren’t designed with reusability in mind and, as such, restocking them can be a nightmare. This is especially the case when there is high demand and low supply or if there are general supply chain issues. Disposable gowns are way less consistently available than reusables which affects every area of a medical practice’s operations.

Environmental Waste

Disposable gowns are designed for minimal use and are discarded quickly. Their materials aren’t useful for recycling and are often contaminated and difficult to properly sanitize. That small useful lifespan is why many medical practices throw them out so frequently. This heavily impacts the environment by adding to an already large pile of waste with no eco-friendly solutions for disposal.

The Pros of Reusable Medical Gowns from Northwest Health Care Linen

Reusable gowns are better than disposables in every major way. As the number one supplier of reusable medical gowns in Washington state, Northwest Health Care Linen has your back! Here’s why our medical gown service stands out:

  • Properly Laundered Gowns. We clean every gown ourselves in our Hygienically Clean certified laundry facilities. This ensures they are always safe and ready for use in our clients’ medical facilities.
  • Reliable Supply. Northwest Linen can withstand the worst that the outside world has to throw at us thanks to our reusable supply. No pandemic, supply chain disruption, or major weather event will get in the way of us supplying our clients with what they need!
  • Less Ecological Impact. Thanks to our reusable gowns, we can minimize our ecological footprint and that of our clients. We also use sustainable practices that have earned us the TRSA’s Clean Green certification!

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