medical scrubs washington

Medical Scrubs in Washington State

medical scrubs washington

Health care practices need scrubs to properly equip their staff for the tasks at hand. However, finding the right quality and quantity is difficult without the help of an experienced provider. If your practice is looking for medical scrubs in Washington state, look no further than Northwest Health Care Linen!

Northwest Health Care Linen Provides the Best Medical Scrubs in Washington State!

Northwest Health Care linen is a local, family-owned medical linen provider. We have over 30 years of experience providing high-quality medical scrubs in Washington state. Here’s why our customers go with our service:

Reliable Medical Scrubs

Northwest Health Care Linen provides medical scrubs of the highest quality, meeting and exceeding common industry standards. They are designed with their wearers in mind, serving as comfortable fits for long periods of time. Their durable materials give them lengthy useful lifespans without sacrificing the comfort of their wearers. They allow for a full range of motion with ergonomic designs and are soft to the touch.

Accredited Laundry Service

Northwest Health Care Linen sanitizes every medical scrub ourselves as part of our accredited laundry service. The TRSA has recognized us as Hygienically Clean thanks to our efforts to limit cross-contamination. We also use sustainable practices to minimize our ecological footprint and save both us and our clients money. This has earned us the Clean Green and EviroStars Certifications as well as membership in the Laundry Environmental Stewardship Program.

In Stock When Needed

Every year, the US health care industry loses nearly $1 billion to a completely preventable issue: linen loss. This can involve staff throwing out items they believe are too soiled, patients taking something home that they don’t know isn’t theirs, or improper linen storage. Regardless of the cause, Northwest Health Care Linen keeps a close eye on every scrub to help manage our clients’ inventory. Our reusable products, mixed with our excellent maintenance service, ensure that our clients always have the items they need in stock.

Local, Family-Owned Service from Northwest Health Care Linen

Northwest Health Care Linen is based out of Bellingham, WA with experience serving the state since 1992. We hire locally and use eco-friendly practices which means that working with us is an investment in your community. We are a small, family-owned business and are easy to reach should you need any assistance. Our team is available 24/7 to help and the owners and decision-makers are only a call away!

Contact Northwest Health Care Linen for More Information

Secure reliable, Hygienically Clean medical scrubs in Washington state for your staff from Northwest Health Care Linen. Call us today at 1-360-647-2974 to speak with a member of our team and learn more! Additionally, you may also reach out to us on our website here for a free quote.