Lab Coats in Washington State from Northwest Linen

Lab Coats in Washington State from Northwest Linen

Lab Coats in Washington State from Northwest Linen

Healthcare facilities are synonymous with phrases like high-octane and fast-paced. They also draw comparisons to Petri dishes that house all kinds of harmful germs and contaminants. Healthcare apparel and the Washington state residents that sport them can’t afford anything less than exceptional. Linens that withstand the hustle and bustle of an unforgiving workweek are mandatory. In an environment where sterile procedures can mean the difference between life and death for patients, the importance of clean lab coats in Washington state takes on new meaning.

A Sense of Security with Northwest Linen

Northwest Linen constructs garments with durability, safety, and comfort in mind. Washington state health providers devote themselves selflessly to serving their great state with the latest and greatest that medical science can offer. The culture of medicine demands long hours and a consistent focus on providing quality care. It’s only fair that our lab coats in Washington state match the dedication to their patients.

Unmatched Quality

Northwest Linen lab coats protect the wearer from the elements they will encounter in the hospital. Our high-quality cotton and polyester blend is durable and absorbent, which means no mess will transfer from you to the patient. 

Shifts can last over 12 hours in healthcare. Comfort is paramount when spending most of your day in your uniform. It helps relieve unnecessary distractions, freeing your attention to those who matter.  

Full-Service for Your Peace of Mind

Our job doesn’t end upon delivery of first-class lab coats. When customers entrust us as their uniform provider, we see it as a collaboration and a cherished partnership. We work toward the same goals to best serve your employees and patients. 

We make the process of communication seamless. Highly-trained customer service representatives are ready to address any questions or concerns at any time. Our quality control experts receive continuing education to ensure that their garment inspections are accurate and consistent. This way, rips and stains never make it to your inventory.

TexTrak Tracking Technology

Not only do we use sustainable delivery methods and specialized routes to deliver lab coats in Washington state quickly and accurately. We also use TexTrak software, a cutting-edge addition to our service. 

We remove the headache of managing costs and inventory by using TexTrak to find out the exact date products were delivered, the date returned, the number of washings, and monitoring product loss. This enables us to supply you with the correct quantity of apparel in the right size when you need it and without fail.


Northwest Linen has a lab coat for any medical occasion. From barrier lab coats to laboratory services coats to consultation coats for more formal occasions, our quality is consistent across the board. 

Northwest is the Leading Provider of Lab Coats in Washington State

Washington state’s healthcare industry deserves a provider as woven into the fabric of the community as our healthcare heroes. Northwest stands ready to bring you the best in linen service because when you’re at your best, so are we. 

Call us today at 360-647-2974 to start your service, or email us to learn more about our products and services!