Medical Laundry Service

Medical Laundry Service by Northwest Healthcare Linen is Washington’s Best

Medical Laundry Service

Finding a medical laundry service in Washington state isn’t difficult, but it can be a gamble. Avoid taking risks or additional time out of your busy schedule to find a reliable medical laundry service provider. Work with Washington’s best medical laundry service: Northwest Healthcare Linen.

What Northwest Healthcare Linen’s Medical Laundry Service Offers

Here’s why you can feel confident working with us:

Family Business, Family Values

Northwest Healthcare is dedicated to our community. Our founder, Jim Hall, owned an extended-care center with an in-house laundry in the early ‘90s. Impressed by Jim’s laundry facility and the reliable service he offered, local healthcare centers asked him to expand his services. There was a regional need for a top-notch medical laundry facility, so Jim established Northwest Healthcare Linen.

In 2013, Northwest Healthcare Linen became a second-generation company. Because family values are at the center of our operation, we don’t look at our customers like numbers. They are part of our family. We work hand-in-hand with a variety of medical facilities, getting to know each business on a personal level. It’s this level of personalized, local service that makes us stand out from the competition.

Quality Products and Services

Whatever you need for your healthcare facility, Northwest Healthcare Linen has you covered. We offer a wide variety of high-quality products, including bedding, patient and staff apparel, towels, and more. In an industry where you can’t compromise on quality linens, Northwest Healthcare Linen gives you peace of mind.

Our laundry service is efficient, convenient, and, most of all, safe. We’ll keep track of your needs and deliver your items on time, without you having to worry about it. Your account manager will create a customized plan for your facility and we’re only ever one call away in case something changes. Someone will always be here to serve you.

Upfront Billing Practices

We’ve never seen the benefit of slapping surprise charges on your bill. We don’t like it done to us, and we certainly don’t want it done to our valued clients. The short-term gains are not worth the long-term consequences.

Our main goal has always been to provide a reliable service you can count on. That means high-quality products, dependable delivery, and honest business dealings. Anything less compromises the relationships we’ve worked hard to cultivate. As a result, nothing on the bills you get from us will surprise you.

Technology You Can Rely On 

We’re always looking for new ways to provide outstanding service. We invest in high-tech equipment to ensure the quality and security of your items. Our TexTrak™ system captures information such as product, color, size, and ownership. By tracking your materials at multiple points throughout the laundering process. With Northwest Healthcare Linen on your side, you can prevent costly mix-ups and linen loss.

Our modern facility will fulfill the most demanding medical laundry needs in Washington. Our dedicated team works diligently with some of the best equipment on the market. With us, you get the best of both worlds: family values and high-tech, modern service.

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Our family values, quality products and services, and high-tech facility ensure you get the best medical laundry service possible. Let’s talk! For more information, call us at 360-647-2974 or drop us a line here. We look forward to working with you.