Northwest Health Care Linen Reaches Safety Milestone

Northwest Health Care Linen Celebrates 4 Years without a Time Loss Incident

Bellingham, WA — August 15, 2016 — Northwest Health Care Linen, a premier medical textiles launder based in Bellingham, WA recently celebrated 4 years of operations without a time loss injury on August 3rd. This accomplishment is the result of Northwest Health Care Linen’s strong focus on employee safety.

“Safety is no accident and we strive each day to make it our number one goal,” said James Hall, CEO at Northwest Health Care Linen.

Northwest Health Care Linen’s focus each day is on safety, quality, and quantity in that order. As a team the managers and employees at Northwest Health Care Linen strive to send everyone home at the end of their shift in the same or better shape than when they arrived.

NWHCL is having a celebration BBQ at their facility for all the employees in mid-August to celebrate this hard earned safety accomplishment.

Founded in 1992, Northwest Health Care Linen is a state of the art medically exclusive laundry and linen service that serves the Puget Sound Region of Washington State. Northwest Health Care Linen is the most technologically advanced laundry in the Puget Sound, with a strong focus on product selection, distribution systems, patient care and safety.