The Future Has Arrived at Northwest Health Care Linen

Northwest Health Care Linen has once again set the standard in medical laundry processing by investing nearly 2 million dollars in new equipment that has transformed our process and our finished products. The complete package of updated equipment includes a new “smart” wash system that is the first in the United States and a garment finishing system that is just the third of it’s kind in the U.S. We are extremely excited to bring a level of technology to our customers that will result in a much higher quality finish to the patient and staff apparel. All wearing apparel such as patient gowns, robes, pajamas, lab coats, barrier coats and scrub wear is washed, hung on an RFID chip imbedded hanger, sent to a steam finisher, automatically sorted by size and color then sent to robotic folders for a much improved, consistent fold.  We invite you all to come tour the facility and see it for yourself.

Staff should be seeing an improved finish to all scrub wear and our patient apparel line is the first and only to be steam finished in this region. Our new robotic folders produce one consistent package size which is the same on gowns and scrubs. We continue to bundle-tie all gowns, and in addition, we are bundling scrubs in multiples of ten. This provides consistency and improved inventory controls as counting will be made easier for linen staff.

Northwest Health Care Linen is the most modern laundry in the region. We believe that success in the healthcare market of tomorrow requires an investment in advanced technology. This garment finishing system is proof of our commitment to bring you the future, today.