why sign medical linen uniform service 2022

Why Sign Up for Medical Linen and Uniform Service in 2022?

On the fence about working with a medical linen and uniform service in 2022? This is the year that ends your hesitation! Here are the most convincing reasons to sign up for medical linen and uniform service in 2022!

Sign Up for Medical Linen and Uniform Service in 2022 to See These Benefits

Whatever your healthcare facility’s 2022 goals are, the right medical linen and uniform service will help you achieve them. Here’s everything that the right service provider can do for your facility:

Eases the Burdens of Linen and Uniform Supply Management

2021 showed us that the supply chain is vulnerable to many factors medical facilities have no control over. Being unable to access necessary medical linens and apparel is a major setback for every facility that experiences it. Medical and linen and uniform service from a proven, reliable provider shields facilities from supply chain woes by eliminating their need to interact with the supply chain to secure necessary materials.

Secures the Consistent Cleanliness and Safety of Your Inventory

Hygiene has become more crucial than ever. That adds even more pressure to your facility’s linen and uniform handling process. That’s where the right medical linen and uniform service can help with top-notch technology, tracking, and staff!

Lowers the Cost of Securing Your Medical Linen and Uniform Supply

There is never a bad time for cutting down on expenses. But 2022 comes on the heels of a challenging few years, which means that any solution that can boost your operations is always welcome. That’s one more reason to sign up for medical linen and uniform service in 2022. It eliminates anything unnecessary that can weigh down your facility’s budget. It removes the costs of human resources, facilities, and utilities that come with on-premise laundry operations. Medical linen and laundry services can also save you from the cost that comes with direct purchases.

Northwest Health Care Linen: The Washington Medical Linen and Uniform Service to Trust

Ready to take the plunge towards better medical linen and uniform management? Trust the only medical linen and uniform service in Washington that has the expertise, experience, and superior technology you need: Northwest Health Care Linen! We offer:

  • A Wide Selection of Medical Linens and Uniforms for Every Area of Your Facility. Northwest Linen offers a complete selection of all your linen and uniform needs. Northwest Linen’s expertise and industry experience ensure only the best quality selections, leaving you in want of nothing.
  • Safe Handling of Medical Linens and Uniforms. Northwest Health Care Linen’s services are powered by some of the most advanced laundry technology in the industry. Our entire laundry and handling process meets the highest safety standards set by the Textile Rental Services Association of America. From pickup to delivery, you can trust in the safety and integrity of your most essential linens and apparel.
  • TexTrak™ Linen and Garment Tracking Technology. Northwest Health Care Linen’s services are not only cost-efficient. They also come with protection against healthcare linen losses with our highly advanced TexTrak™ tracking technology. This RFID-powered technology ensures that we are closely monitoring your items at every stage of the handling process. This ensures full protection against delays, losses, and substandard deliveries.

Contact Northwest Health Care Linen Today!

Don’t ignore your Washington medical linen and uniform service needs another day. Entrust your most crucial needs with the most reliable service in the Evergreen State: Northwest Health Care Linen! Call us today at 360-647-2974 for a consultation. You may also click here to send us your inquiries!