The Dangers of Disposable Medical Gowns

Medical gowns are integral aspects of patient care and safety. The right ones ensure that medical personnel can perform their jobs well and without worry. With this in mind, there are multiple different kinds of gowns and some you should outright avoid. For example, there are many dangers of disposable medical gowns that are more […]

linen for healthcare facilities

How to Source Quality, Clean Linen for Healthcare Facilities

Medical facilities of all sizes and concentrations have one thing in common: the need for quality, clean medical linen. Finding and properly managing high-quality linen is essential to providing optimal patient treatment. This article will discuss how to source, clean, and manage high-quality linen in the healthcare industry.

specialty products washington

Specialty Products Available to Washington Medical Practices

Most health care linen and uniform providers carry general-purpose products for hospitals and more common medical practices. However, few can claim they carry specialty products available to Washington medical practices tailored to specific healthcare operations. There’s one business in the Greater Puget Sound region that has reliable products in stock:

benefits of local healthcare linen service

Benefits of Local Healthcare Linen Service

Medical practices have enough on their plate; the last thing they need to worry about is their linen. Many practices outsource their linen needs for this very reason. But where can a facility find a reliable, trustworthy provider? It might be tempting to go with a large, national healthcare linen service but they are often […]

medical linen service vs on premise

Medical Linen Service vs On-Premise Operations 

The quality and condition of your health care linens and apparel are crucial to ensuring quality patient care and experience. That is why it is essential to know how to best care for and manage your linens and garments. Between medical linen service vs on-premise operations, which option would work best to meet your needs?

healthcare apparel service improves

How Healthcare Apparel Service Improves Employee Comfort and Professionalism

Healthcare apparel service saves facilities money and time while providing better uniform selections. But it des more than that. Uniform Service improves employee comfort and professionalism. And it is one conversation that needs to be had. After all, your employees experience these benefits firsthand.

why sign medical linen uniform service 2022

Why Sign Up for Medical Linen and Uniform Service in 2022?

On the fence about working with a medical linen and uniform service in 2022? This is the year that ends your hesitation! Here are the most convincing reasons to sign up for medical linen and uniform service in 2022!

medical uniform service protects

Ways Medical Uniform Service Protects Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities are difficult to manage for many reasons. Ensuring staff have professional-looking and clean medical uniforms at all times is one of them. Medical uniform service alleviates this duty while providing exceptional protection for facilities, staff, and patients. Without the consistency and quality it provides, several problems can arise. Here’s how professional medical uniform […]