national medical laundry companies

National Medical Laundry Companies Let Customers Down. We Don’t.

Tired of national medical laundry companies never living up to expectations? Massive, nationwide organizations have thousands of customers dividing their attention and service. That translates to service problems for their customers, but especially for those small to  mid-size medical facilities.

safe healthcare linens

How to Ensure Safe Healthcare Linens In Your Medical Facility 

Safe healthcare linens are difficult to manage and maintain in compliance with medical safety standards. The stakes are high, and any deviation from perfection could result in severe consequences affecting patient treatment or the quality of their stay.

featured in business pulse magazine

We’re Featured in Business Pulse Magazine!

We’re proud to announce we’ve been featured in Business Pulse Magazine: Watcom County’s leading business news publication. Check Out The Article Here! Now the only source of business news in Watcom County, Business Pulse is the premier magazine to read up on all things business since 1975. Check out their other articles and subscribe for […]

Medical Laundry Service

Medical Laundry Service by Northwest Healthcare Linen is Washington’s Best

Finding a medical laundry service in Washington state isn’t difficult, but it can be a gamble. Avoid taking risks or additional time out of your busy schedule to find a reliable medical laundry service provider. Work with Washington’s best medical laundry service: Northwest Healthcare Linen.

Northwest Health Care Linen Service Recertifies for Hygienically Clean Healthcare

  Northwest Health Care Linen was recently recognized by TRSA (Textile Rental Services Association) for recertifying Hygienically Clean Healthcare. Northwest Health Care Linen Service, a family-owned and operated full-service healthcare laundry processor and linen company that serves the greater Puget Sound region of western Washington, has recently qualified for renewal of the Hygienically Clean Healthcare […]

Northwest Health Care Linen Receives Award at Annual WASCA Conference

On November 18th Northwest Health Care Linen was presented with the 2016 “Circle of Excellence” award at this year’s annual WASCA (Washington Ambulatory Surgery Center Association) conference. Northwest Health Care Linen has been a long time sponsor and participant in this annual 2-day conference in which ASC managers and service providers are able to interact […]

NWHCL Receives a Lifetime Partnership Award from Cascade Connections

Northwest Health Care Linen was recently honored with the first Lifetime Partnership Award from Cascade Connections during the 2nd Annual Hamster’s Ball. Cascade Connections is a local non-profit agency that has been providing services to our community members with disabilities since the 1980s. Northwest Health Care Linen partnered up with Cascade Connections in 1996 and […]

2016 Northwest Health Care Linen Reaches Safety Milestone

We were mentioned in the latest online version of American Laundry News for our great safety accomplishment!