What Differentiates a Medical Laundry from Other Commercial Laundries

What Differentiates a Medical Laundry from Other Commercial Laundries

What Differentiates a Medical Laundry from Other Commercial Laundries

Can regular commercial laundry facilities bring you what an expert medical laundry specialist can? We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but not in the least. Every aspect of a medical uniform service’s operation precisely and securely meets the needs of a medical facility. Everyone who knows the ins and outs of medical linens and garments knows that these requirements are difficult to meet.

Why Medical Laundries Are More Reliable

Here are some things that medical laundry service facilities have that separate them from commercial laundry service:


It’s not so much the type of equipment available in a medical laundry facility as much as how the facility is run that makes the biggest difference between health care laundry and regular laundry. Medical laundry services minimize contact between employees and linens at any point in the laundry process. This prevents any incidence of cross-contamination.

Health care laundry facility maintenance involves stricter standards to maintain the highest level of protection for the items processed inside. The provider gives the same level of care to their vans, carts, etc.


Medical linens and garments require thorough processing in that commercial laundry facilities can’t complete. For one, the compliance requirements are completely on a different level. Second, many items pose a hazard to those who handle them. It takes more than just knowing how to operate an industrial washing machine and iron to get it right.

Handling medical linens require expertise and hundreds of hours of training for the best results. From knowing how to load and unload dirty linens to knowing how to post-process the items, skills, and training required are tailor-made for the near-impossible requirements of good medical linen service. Even packaging the clean linens to prepare them for delivery is an entirely different ballgame than commercial laundry because of the requirements for hygiene.


Finally, health care laundry results require a higher level of cleanliness than most. When the items processed are expected to come into contact with sick patients, immune-compromised patients, children, and those who are generally vulnerable to even the smallest amount of pathogens, there is no room for complacency or risk.

Medical laundry service providers must ensure the cleanest possible results, to rid the items of dangerous traces and amounts of disease-carrying germs, bacteria, mold, etc.

Northwest Linen Can Handle Your Medical Laundry Needs

Your facility’s needs are different. Your patient’s needs are different. So why trust a regular laundry service provider for your medical linen service needs? Trust only one that specializes in the supply and thorough, strict care of medical linens and garments: trust only Northwest Linen!

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