Why Northwest Linen Is Your Medical Facility’s Ideal Provider

Why Northwest Linen Is Your Medical Facility’s Ideal Provider

Why Northwest Linen Is Your Medical Facility’s Ideal Provider

When it comes to medical linen services, there are a few companies that can match the expertise of Northwest Linen. We have a long and rich industry experience spanning four decades specializing in medical linen services. Here’s why Northwest Linen is your medical facility’s ideal provider:

Why Northwest Linen?

The answer is simple: we have everything you can ever want and need from a medical linen service partner.

Medical Linen Service Specialty

Over the last 30 years, we at Northwest Linen have been specializing in the needs of the medical industry. We built and grew in this industry by knowing everything there is to know about medical textiles. Everything we have done and continue to do is dedicated to serving these needs. What does this mean for your business?

It means we are well-versed not only in knowing and understanding your needs; it means we have all our energies exhausted towards one thing: becoming the best at medical linen services. We know the standards and guidelines and comply with them. We know the challenges that come with this industry’s linen needs like the backs of our hands and know just as easily how to resolve them. Most of all, we know well enough how to deliver with an efficiency that matches the demands and energies of a buzzing medical facility – no matter the size or type.

State-of-the-Art Technology

As important as skills and experience are in carrying out medical linen services, technology and equipment matter just as much. And this is where we clearly have an edge over most of our competitors. At Northwest Linen, we have multiple high-tech points in our operations that ensure not only quality results, but results that work for your needs. 

Our laundry system, for instance, reduces any human contact for the highest protection against cross-contamination. Our RFID tracking system also prevents losses and fights delays. It also helps ease the burdens of inventory management. With lower risks of losses and delays, plus complete and accurate data on usage and costs, Northwest Linen not only helps you get clean uniforms and textiles; we are also helping you get them efficiently and accurately too!

Northwest Linen Has Your Back

More than our expertise and technological edge, what sets us apart from your other options is how we treat our clients: like family. And we owe much of our longevity in the industry to our personalized approach to doing business. Northwest Linen is your medical facility’s ideal provider. Call us at 1-360-647-2974 to get started or to know more about our services. Additionally, you may also fill out this form for a free quote!